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Ronan hates cell phones above all objects. He has one and he might answer after many missed calls/voicemails
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[ Adam has a phone now. He's also got a laptop and Ronan doesn't give a flying fuck if it bothers Adam that Ronan paid for both of them. His boyfriend is far too fucking far from Henrietta for Ronan to rely only on snail mail as a means of communication. Yes, this means Ronan will answer the phone when Adam calls or texts. He also answers and sends email. Today, Adam has an email from Ronan. ]

To: adam.parrish@gmail.com

Evening, Asshole. Or morning. Whatever. It's late. Can't sleep. Opal has a whole damn list of books for me to pick up at the library for her. She's pissed 'cause none of them are in Latin. I told her that's because authors are fucking idiots. We're camping out in one of the fields tonight. I attached some pictures and a video I took earlier. I told her ghost stories and tried teaching her to play the bagpipes. She made the fucking cows run for cover.

So let me know how shit's going with you.

attachment one
attachment two

attachment three is a video of Ronan singing the murder squash song while Opal murders his bagpipes


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8/30/15 -- Blue Arrival
08/06/15 Cash--Tavern
9-25-15 Adam -- Learning to fight
1/23/14 --
1/2/14 --
1/13/14 --
1/14/14 --
1/23/14 --


10-1-15 --Thea Queen arrival log
10-1-15 -- Noah Arrival log
1/14/14 -- TAURA persuaded out of pink boa
1/23/14 -- IVAN being an idiot as always
1/2/14 -- MILES short description.
1/13/14 -- CORDELIA Betan therapy
1/14/14 -- TAURA persuaded out of pink boa
1/23/14 -- IVAN being an idiot as always

11-4-15 --Noah This house is not a home 10-1-15 -- Noah Arrival log 1/14/14 -- Noah Sick night terrors are pathetic 1/23/14 -- IVAN being an idiot as always 1/2/14 -- MILES short description. 1/13/14 -- CORDELIA Betan therapy 1/14/14 -- TAURA persuaded out of pink boa 1/23/14 -- IVAN being an idiot as always
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8-5 Adam
8-5 Dawn
8-5 Top level


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7-1 Top Level
7-1 Cash
7-5 Adam
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12-07 Jamison
12-09 Adam Parrish
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["Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be." – Danielle LaPorte]

The bell over the door clanged violently when Ronan shoved his way through, moving straight for the counter. He took no lingering glances at the art on the walls, nor was there any hesitation in his stride. He slapped the sketch he’d torn out of his book, edge ragged, on the counter and waited for someone to approach him.

It hadn’t been a particularly bad day, nor had it been a particularly good one. It had merely been a day after Niall’s death, another fatherless day for Ronan. Even minutes later, he couldn’t recall that detail that sparked the fight between he and Declan, simply that it’d ended with the promise of a black eye for Ronan and Declan’s blood dribbling down his chin from a split lip. If Ronan had been any other teenager more prone to throwing words rather than fists, he would have yelled You’re not dad! and stormed off.

Instead, it’d taken a fist fight with his older brother to prompt his storming off and he’d done it in a BMW that had once belonged to his father and now belong to a boy who couldn’t even drive it legally (but that didn’t stop him).

“Can I help you, Kid?” At first the man thought the kid was in the wrong place, or unclear about the age requirements to get a tattoo, then Ronan had turned his attention on him and the man had found he was clearly mistaken.

“I want that covering my back.” He splayed his hand flat on top of the sketch torn out of his notebook and pushed it toward man. The pen marks had been made heavy and dark, all clean lines and stark white spaces. It was a Celtic knot with all the pieces of Ronan’s dreams peering out of it.

“Big expensive piece,” the guy said, instantly intrigued by the drawing. His eyes roved over it, trying to identify each creature, each object and finding a new one peering at him all the time.

Ronan threw a wad of cash on the counter in response. His fake ID fell next. It said he was twenty-three. The man picked it up, giving it a careful once over. He glanced up to Ronan only to find that same, angry young man glaring at him. He nodded and jerked his head back toward the back of the shop as he collected the cash.

“Have a seat. We’ll get the top part of the knot done today.”

“No. All of it. Today.”

The man shook his head. “Kid, you’re gonna be begging me to stop after an hour.”

Eight hours later, not including several smoke breaks for the artist, Ronan’s skin was swollen tender and weeping blood, but his back was a work of art. The artist had curled the tattoo over and around his shoulder, some hybrid of a Celtic tribal tattoo, hooks creeping over his bicep sharp enough to catch something on.

“That what you wanted?” the artist asked, already fumbling in his pack of cigarettes.

Ronan had his head turned so he could see his reflection in the full length mirror. “Fuck yeah,” he growled, lips twisting into a smile that cut.

Declan was going to be so pissed.
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The tiny office might have been claustrophobic to some people, but Ronan loved it. More than any other spot in this place this office reminded him of his father. It still smelled like Niall, some combination of the barn itself, Irish whiskey and something magic that Ronan hadn't ever been able to name. Now he knew that that something extra was Cabeswater. Chainsaw hated this room, but she loved Ronan so he'd opened the window so she could sit on the sill and not be in the room, but close to him.

They'd arrived at the barns a couple of hours ago after it was already late, or perhaps it was early by now. Ronan was still simmering from his conversation with Declan the day before and he'd grabbed a couple of beers as soon as they'd arrived. While Adam was still sipping on the one Guinness that he'd accepted, Ronan had moved onto the bottle of whiskey that his father had kept in the desk drawer.

In Adam's hands, was the notebook that Ronan was keeping. It contained everything he'd figured out about dreaming so far. The pages were dog-earred and there were doodles in the margins, pieces of Ronan's dreams. Some of the pages had been chewed and mutilated by Chainsaw. It contained notes about what Ronan had asked for, when he'd asked for it, how the request had worked out and whether he was drinking when he dreamed or not. There were also notes about the nightmares he had and proof that he did pay attention, because there were notes about Adam and any changes in his behavior that might correlate to Ronan's dreaming.

Ronan took a sip of whiskey, watching Adam from beneath heavy lidded eyes. He wasn't drunk, but he wasn't sober either. He was relaxed, the truest Ronan he could be at this moment. The Barns made him comfortable anyway, easing him into a familiarity that he didn't feel anywhere else. The liquor just eased him into that relaxation and familiarity even further.

"I figured keeping track of things like that could help you...you with Cabeswater, I mean."

His words were softer around the edges, muted by liquor and the one place in the real world that Ronan loved more than anything, a place he was sharing with Adam.


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NAME:: Ronan Lynch
NICKNAMES:: Lynch, The Graywaren, The Snake
AGE:: 18
DATE OF BIRTH:: August 18th

SEXUALITY:: Homosexual

OCCUPATION:: Aglionby student
HOMETOWN:: Henrietta, West Virginia
CURRENT RESIDENCE:: Monmouth Manufacturing, The Barns
FATHER:: Niall Lynch
MOTHER:: Aurora Lynch

NAME:: Kristi
CONTACT:: [plurk.com profile] rageblackouts or email rageiscute@gmail.com
STYLE:: mostly prose

No. Do you hear me, Cabeswater? You promised to keep me safe. Who are we to you? Nothing? If you let him die that is not keeping me safe. Do you understand? If they die, I die, too.

Abilities, Strengths & Weaknesses
First and foremost, Ronan’s ability to dream things into being. What he does when dreaming something isn’t so much sleep as a sort of place between sleep and wakefulness (though he can be dead asleep and dreaming then enter this state to bring something back). There’s not much limit to what he can dream as long as he’s very familiar with it.There are downsides to Ronan’s power. If he’s dreaming something particularly loathsome, he has to go to a dark place where things will try to kill him.
Dreaming has a negative effect on the ley lines. It pulls power off those ley lines to create those objects and creatures. The bigger, more detailed and more alive a thing is, the more power it takes to dream it. Because Adam is tied to the ley lines, pulling too much power off the ley lines will make Adam go a little crazy so Ronan tries to keep his dreaming in check. The alive things that he brings back into the world are in the world for the rest of time BUT if Ronan dies, those live things fall into a sleep like a coma without any ill affects. Together, the boys can awaken dream things, but Ronan and Adam probably wouldn’t be able to do it on their own. They need the whole group.

As for his other abilities, Ronan is a hellva fighter. His father taught him to box when he was young and he’s been fighting most of his life for one reason or another. He is only human so his fighting abilities are limited in that way. He’s fluent in Latin to the point where he and Adam use it as a secret language to talk when they don’t want others to understand them. He tells jokes in Latin and often uses vulgar Latin phrases and swear words. It’s as natural to him to use as English is.

He’s a good guy to have in a violent situation because he responds to fear by lashing out violently. Fear does not shut Ronan down. It drives him forward, pisses him off and makes him aggressive. He’s fairly literal and logical which can be beneficial. He confronts most things head on. He doesn’t like sneaking around and going through the back door. He’s loyal and he can take orders if he trusts the person giving the orders. He’s referred to Gansey’s pit bull on more than one occasion in the books. This is because Gansey can control him.

Ronan can be a loose canon if he doesn’t trust the people giving the orders. He’s volatile to say the least. He doesn’t do well in social situations, or with social niceties. He won’t filter himself for anyone’s sake, but particularly not for someone he doesn’t care about. If a situation can be set on fire (metaphorically and sometimes literally) Ronan will do that just to watch something burn.

“I’m going in,” Gansey said as Ronan sat down on the step beside Adam. As Gansey shut the door behind him, he heard Adam say, “I don’t want to talk,” and Ronan reply, “The fuck would I talk about?” .

{Ronan Lynch
{ the graywaren }
QUIRKS:: Extravagant swears, horrible music, rudeness, fluent in latin
LIKES:: Cabeswater, Chainsaw, fast cars, fighting
DISLIKES:: Everything else
Ronan Lynch lived with every kind of secret.

Ronan Lynch is most often described as an asshole because, most often, Ronan Lynch is an asshole. His very presence is loud and abrasive. He could care less what anyone thinks of him. In fact, he seems to revel in his junk yard dog reputation. He has little regard for societal norms and rules. This is exhibited in the fact that he takes his pet raven everywhere, he swears like he breathes and he cultivates a look that encourages to people to keep their distance. Even his tone of voice is angry, encouraging people to keep their distance. All of this boils down to the fact that, until very recently, Ronan hated himself. He is a very angry young man carrying an enormous amount of guilt on his shoulders. His father was beaten to death in the driveway of their home just hours before Ronan found him. He blames himself for not waking up sooner, for not being there to save his father despite the fact that he was only fifteen or so when it happened. Ronan likes shocking and scaring people. It is said in his canon that there is very little worse in Henrietta than Ronan Lynch. This is both a carefully cultivated image and a circumstance of simply being Ronan. Ronan fights because Ronan is breathing. He enjoys violence, the way his knuckles split when they hit a man, but what he really enjoys is the way that he goes numb, the way that he doesn’t hurt. Ronan is rarely, if ever, happy but he usually gets closest to being happy when he’s driving too fast. His sense of humor is morbid and he insults his friends because he cares. He ignores most everyone else. Ronan is hard, sharp, all edges that cut and wound. Unlike many hard asses, Ronan really doesn’t have much of a soft center; he’s simply got a softer center.

Despite all of this, Ronan is fairly intuitive about just how far he can push a person, and unless you’re Declan, he rarely pushes a person to his breaking point. Ronan bucks authority at every possible turn and the only person that can really control him is Gansey. It rarely takes more than a word of warning from him for Ronan to back down. Ronan is incredibly intelligent. When pressured, he’s able to pull through his classes. This isn’t because Ronan is lazy; Ronan is bored. He can dream an entire magnificent, beautiful world straight from his imagination; of course, he’s bored! Ronan delights in annoying and irritating people. In Blue Lily, Lily Blue he torments Adam, Gansey and Noah with the Murder Squash song which goes something like squash one, squash two, squash three… and so on. He thinks it’s uproariously funny when everyone yells at him ’Not that song!’. He has few boundaries when he feels he’s among friends. This goes for personal space (he carelessly throws his leg over Adam’s legs in the car when he’s pretending to be asleep) as well as personal effects (he breaks into Adam’s car to leave him a tape of the squash murder song and some hand cream). He is very preceptive, not missing a detail, without anyone realizing he’s observing so closely. Part of this is his experience as a dreamer. He needs so many concrete details to dream something up, but part of it is just Ronan. He pays attention.

Ronan is fluent in Latin. More than that, he uses Latin like it’s his first language. The first day of their senior year, Ronan arrives in Latin class early because Adam is early so that he can write a dirty joke in Latin up on the board. When Ronan dreams, it’s in Latin. He’s able to communicate with Cabeswater because he’s so fluent and familiar with Latin. It’s the only class he never missed (before their senior year).

He despises phones above almost any other object and loves fast cars more than most objects. Ronan does not lie. He may not tell the truth, but he doesn’t lie. He’s got bad habits, like drinking (and occasional drugs) but he does not smoke. He ‘prefers his bad habits with hangovers’ because Ronan likes to punish himself for any number of things from killing Kavinsky, to not saving his father, to dragging his nightmares into the waking world. However, by the end of Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Ronan is actually in a very good place. He doesn’t hate himself; he’s comfortable with his power. He’s got his home back and he’s made peace (for the most part) with the things he’s done. This doesn’t mean that Ronan is made of sunshine and light; No, Ronan is still made of sharp edges, black shadows and everything that hurts.

‘You’re a bastard, and this doesn’t seem like a typical bastard activity’ (151, The Dream Thieves)

‘The thing about Ronan Lynch, Adam had discovered, was that he wouldn’t—or couldn’t— express himself with words. So every emotion had to spelled out in some other way. A fist, a fire, a bottle. (121, The Dream Thieves)

HAIR: Dark
EYES: Blue

He was clearly related to Declan: same nose, same dark eyebrows, same phenomenal teeth. But there was a carefully cultivated sense of danger to this Lynch brother. This was not a rattlesnake hidden in the grass, but a deadly coral snake striped with warning colors. Everything about him was a warning: If this snake bit you, you had no one to blame but yourself

he was worried that one day someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves

If Ronan isn’t wearing his Aglionby uniform, he’s wearing a black tank top, dark jeans and a leather jacket. His head is shaved. He has a tattoo that covers one shoulder and his entire back. Gansey says that he sees something different in Ronan’s tattoo every time he looks at it. The tattoo contains bits and pieces of his dream and involves some sort of complicated Celtic Knot. Everything about Ronan is designed to intimidate and keep others at a distance from the way he looks to his body language and expressions.

Ronan’s father, Niall, used to say “when you [Ronan] were born, the rivers dried up and the cattle in Rockingham County wept blood” (2 The Dream Thieves) while his mother insisted that was a lie. She said that when Ronan was born the trees all grew flowers and the Henrietta ravens laughed. Ronan never points out that both versions could be true. (3 TDT). These examples lay a fantastic foundation for Ronan’s history and the person that he is.

Ronan was born in Henrietta, West Virginia. He has a younger brother named Matthew that he adores and an older brother named Declan that he fights with constantly. Ronan was around fourteen when he found his father a few hours after his murder in the driveway of their family home next to the crowbar that had been used to beat him to death. This is when Ronan’s life changed.

We’re not told when Ronan started going to Aglionby Academy, nor are we told when he met Richard Campbell Gansey III aka Gansey, but we do know that Gansey is his best friend. They’re more like brothers than anything else (both Ronan and Gansey say this at different points in the series). Gansey was well acquainted not only with Ronan before his father’s death, but with the entire Lynch family. Four days after Niall is murdered, Ronan moves into an old warehouse slash factory with Gansey. He continues attending Aglionby Academy while living with Gansey.

At some point within this whirlwind of activity and time, Ronan and Gansey meet both Adam and Noah. Adam is a Aglionby scholarship student who lives in a trailer park and is abused by his father. Noah is a former Aglionby student and currently a ghost (but they don’t find this out until midway through the first book).

During this time, Ronan is also on a seriously self-destructive bent. He street races with his frenemy, Joseph Kavinsky, gets into fights with everyone (and is arrested for it) attends school just enough to scrape by, gets drunk and acts unruly. At some point, he attempts to kill himself by slicing his wrists (or so we’re led to believe for the entire first book and part of the second). In all actuality, he was attacked by one of his night terrors that chose to make it look like he tried to kill himself in the Catholic church that he attends every Sunday alongside his brothers. Ronan allows Gansey (who is destroyed by the idea of a Ronan who wants to die) and everyone else to believe he attempted suicide because Niall told Ronan to never tell anyone what he could do. Niall was a dreamer as well, which is where all of their money and most of their belongings come from. Unfortunately, money, cars, brothers, mothers and cows (don’t ask) aren’t the only things that come out of dreams. Sometimes, Ronan’s nightmares follow him into the real world.

By the time the book actually opens, Ronan, Adam, Gansey and Noah are fast friends. Blue, the only girl of their group, is introduced post haste and the real adventures began. Ronan, along with the boys and Blue, assist Gansey on his quest to find a long dead (sleeping) Welsh King named Glendower.

Some things happen, like Adam dating Blue (sort of) and Ronan being jealous over it (sort of) and the discovery of a magical wood named Cabeswater where the trees speak Latin and the forest bends to their whims. Most notably for Ronan, in the first book, he dreams Chainsaw, a foundling raven. She is ugly, featherless, barely a handful in size and helpless. At this point in time, it’s the only real nice thing that his dreams have allowed him. Eventually Ronan tells his friends about his ability to dream things into being.

One evening, Ronan happens upon Adam’s house when his father is beating the shit out of him. Ronan returns the favor, beats the shit out of Adam’s dad. His mom calls the cops and Ronan is arrested for fighting (again). Adam presses charges against his dad so that Ronan won’t get in trouble.

Because he wrecks Gansey’s Camaro, Ronan goes on a drug induced dream binge in which he learns how to actually pull what he wants out of his dreams rather than pulling things he doesn’t want, or bringing back something random. He is a quick and efficient learner, but this ends in something of a disaster. Kavinsky (the guy that teaches Ronan dreaming) forces Ronan to dream a night terror and then use it to kill him because he’s a jealous, possessive little shit.

The quest for Glendower intensifies as the group looks for Blue’s missing mother. Ronan’s night terror follows him around like a puppy. He and Adam blackmail a hitman (mob boss/over all horrible person). It takes Ronan’s dreaming to a whole new level in terms of specifics and details. Ronan also has to face some of the darker effects of dreaming. He and Adam grow much closer and the entire group discovers that their real power is in working together. Ronan also shows that he’s (sometimes) a human being.

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